PT Aide position (with intermittent front desk help) in an outpatient orthopedic clinic

We are looking for part-time help for the afternoons  Mon-Thurs: 1-6 and Friday from 7-2

A knowledge of anatomy, therapeutic exercise and modalities would be helpful.

Pay is $10.50/hour

Please bring by your and cover letter or email the clinic.


335 NW 4th St

Corvallis, OR 97330

(right next to Panera and the AT&T store)

Healing Motion Physical Therapy is an outpatient physical therapy clinic
located in Philomath, Oregon.  We are currently recruiting for 2 part
time positions for a PT Aide/ Office Assistant.  Candidates for the positions
should be willing/able to commit to arranging their school schedules to
accommodate their work schedule through the length of the school year.
These positions also extend into the summer.

Both positions are Monday-Friday.
Position #1 is scheduled 9 am -12:30 pm
Position #2 is scheduled 2:30 pm -6:30 pm
This position pays $10.00 per hour. No additional benefits are provided
at this time.
A job description can be provided upon request.

All applicants may submit their resumes/inquiries to Eileen Tokuda at
Eileen Tokuda, PT

Hi club members,

I hope everyone is A-ing their midterm. Just a reminder that our club will be having a meeting on Monday (2/27) @ 7 PM at Milam 019. We will continue to focus on the Wheel – A – Thon. Last time, members separate into different sub-committees for different aspects for the event. The different committees are the Recruitment Committee, Course Design Committee, Donation Committee, and Advisement Committee. Each committees have their own task and project, and in the end, all the committee will come together to create a successful Wheel – A – Thon. I will briefly describe what each committee does. The main goal of the Recruitment Committee will be recruiting different member so of the communities to be part of the Wheel – A – Thon. The Donation Committee is the committee that goes to various business and clubs and asks for support & donation. The Course Design Committee focus on creating the wheelchair obstacle course race. Lastly, the Advisement Committee is the committee that promotes the event through different recourse on campus and communities. Each committees is lead by different officers of clubs, for more information, please contact Annie Johnson @ or your committee’s officers. Also if you haven’t done so please visit our Facebook page at!/ptahclub or search OSU Pre-Therapy and Allied Health Club. If you are on Facebook, also visit the Wheel – A – Thon page at!/events/140780536042939/ for more information and invite all your friends to our awesome event. More people help, more money we can raise to help IMPACT and MS Exercise Program. Finally, if you are interested in forming a team to join the Wheel – A – Thon, the Team Packet or the Application is under the Wheel – A – Thon tab at the blog or visit, Recently, I was looking at the Barometer’s website and find an article about Wheel-A-Thon. The article was written couple years ago, but I think it bring out a good sense of what the Wheel – A – Thon is. So I strongly encourage everyone to read it, you can find the article here:

Last thing, if you are interested in being an officer for the club next year, please e-mail your resume and cover letter to our President, Sean O’Kelley at and indicate which position who want to pursued. The resume and cover letter is due by Week 8. The due date is coming up very very soon, so hurry if you still want to apply. All the position of the club can be found on the PTAH Club Blog or at

Thank You Everyone!!! And I Hope To See You ALL at Monday Meeting!!!

Willie Leung


Hello everybody,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I here to remind everybody that our next meeting is on Monday (2/13) at 7 PM. This meeting is going to be a very important meeting, where the club will start organizing our majoy event, the Wheel – A – Thon. Wheel–A–Thon, short for WAT is an annual event on the OSU campus sponsored by the Pre – Therapy and Allied Health Club at the Memorial Union Quad. The event is a 20 minutes wheelchair relay race through an obstacle course design by the students and the members of the PTAH Club. The obstacle involved members of each team sit in a wheel chair and go through the obstacle course as fast as possible. There will be prizes for the team who had the most laps on the obstacle and the individual who had the fastest time on one lap. The main goal of this event is to raise awareness and funds for programs on campus that support local individuals with disabilities. The PTAH Club hopes that many students and the communities will understand the difficult of the individuals in a wheel chair or with disability. All the funds raised are directly donated, split equally between two programs that provide opportunities for OSU students to help individuals with disabilities participate in physical activity, the MS Clinic and the IMPACT Program. There will be 4 different committees to organize the event. The 4 different committees are Course Design, Sponser & Donation, Recuritment, & Advisement. We will tell you more about the committees at the meeting and each committees will be lead by either one or two officers. The members will be able to choose which committees do they want to be part of. So we will be needing everyone to come join us and help create the best WAT yet. I hope to see everybody on Monday!!! There are also a fun video on WAT create by the OSU Athletics Department. Check it out!!!

Willie Leung


Hello everyone,

I hope everybody is having a great weekend. This is your blogmaster, Willie.

Thank you everyone for coming to our meeting on Monday for the University of Puget Sound’s presentation on their Physical Therapy
programs. Also, we need to send a big thank you to Jennifer Hastings for coming down from Tacoma to present to us.

In Dr. Hastings’s presentation, she describes to the members what the campus of university of Puget Sound look like and activities students can do around and in campus. She talks about what University of Puget Sound can offer for students in their PT school program and the different between a doctrine and master degree. Besides talking about the campus, she also inform about the cost of attending UPS and classes schedule. For example, during summer, students in the PT programs will have internship. Also first year students will have a research study to do for assignments. UPS’s PT program heavily focuses on peer to peer mentorship and clinical skills. Due to the fact that UPS’s
application is available on the PTCAS, the number of applicants is 545 students. But UPS will only select average 38 students who they feel ready and prepare for their program. Dr. Hastings also told us what she look for when she is reading students application,

–         3.0 or above GPA

–         A good
score on the verbal and writing section of the GRE

–         “Unique” Minor such as Spanish, Public Health or Art

–         “Unique” working experience. Rather than PT Aide, participate in a research will make your application stand out more

–         A good grade on Anatomy and Physics series

–         A good first 5 sentences on your essay


There are some of the details that Dr. Hastings looks for in
an application. She also introduces the Occupational Therapy program offer at
UPS. The UPS’s OT program has 2 different sections, one is the practice of
occupational therapy and the other one is the research aspect of occupational
therapy. The OT programs only offer master degree in Occupational Therapy.

On the side note, there will be no intramural sport team this term. But if you are very interest in participating sport event with us, Team Therapy might join a in – door soccer tournament. If interest, please contact Josh Young at with your name, grade, student ID, and your contact information.

Remember there will be a meeting on Week 6’s Monday. The topic will be our annual Wheel – A – Thon. We will need every member to participate in the event and help us create the best Wheel – A – Thon yet.

Thank You for coming to our meeting on “Observation Etiquette and Tips to Maximize Your Experience”. During the meeting, we did a run through from initiation observation hours to saying your “Hello” and “Good – Bye!”
Here is the summary:
– Tip to Asking Observation
o Face to Face
o Be Polite
o Practice with a Write Up
o E – Mail or Phone
o Resume
o Phone Call
 Name
 Year / School
 Ask for Observation Opportunities are Available
o Express interests in PT / OT
o Provide Facility with Contact Information, Days and Times are Available
 Be as Flexible as Possible as they are Taking the Time to give you experience in the field
– Pre – Observation Follow Up
o Call / E – mail the day before to verify your time
 Lets the facility know you are serious and will be there
o Ask about dress attire if unsure (business casual is most likely) and location of facility, if need
 Boys: dress shirt, pants, black shoes
 Girls: dress shirt or dress, clean clothes, and black shoes
 Iron your clothes
 Be clean
 First impression is important
– Observation
o Arrive early
o Dress appropriate
o Bring with you:
 Water
 Notebook and writing utensil
 Questions (especially on return visits this lets the therapist know you are intrigued and are putting in the time and make the most of your experience)
 Food, if appropriate
o Don’t lock out your knee
o Wash your hand, a lot
 15 sec with hot water
o Help out, but know your limitations
 The more willing you are to participate in this manner the better the perception the clinician will have of you as person, student, and future practitioner
 Know and understand that you are not able to active participate in patient treatment
o Maximums the experience
 Patients interaction
 Help out – clean and put things away
 As an observing student, you are strictly observing (no patient care)
 Take in treatment
 Acknowledge the facility lay out, patient flow, culture
• Put note down
• Don’t say anything
o Respect the Therapist’s time
 extraordinary opportunity appreciate it
 when a therapist is charting, allow them to do so
• if not, leave the room
o interact with patient
o Document hours, yourself, with details of patient care encountered. Have practitioner sign – off each day for your records
 do a LOG
o be friendly to everyone you encounter
o be open-minded (people are different, experience will be diverse
o THANK YOUs at the end of each patient treatment, at the end of the day, at the end of the experience (hand write)
– Thank you
o Always hand – write a thank you to show appreciation for your experience
o You are able to show a little extra gratitude with goodies
– Document for PTCAS
o Document
 Overseeing therapist
 Location setting type
 Specialties observed with hours spent in it
 Setting options
• Out – patient
o Orthopedics
o Sports pediatrics
o Neurology
o Geriatric
o Cardiovascular and pulmonary
o School district
o Home health
o Women’s health
• In – patient
o Hospital
o Rehabilitation
o SNF (skill nurses)
– Question to consider
o How does this clinic differ from others?
o What are each PTs different theories on treatment strategy?
o How did your program compare to other?
o What captivates your job?
o What specialty do you recommend?
o How do I get to this position?
o Reward experience?
o Balance family and work?
– Get some hours During Winter Break
o Try to get 20 to 40 hours
o Practicum – schedule in advance as you have to submit paper
In other news
A reminder for everybody that our club fundraiser on November 29th at Papa’s Pizza on 3rd Street. Print out the following flyer and bring it to Papa’s Pizza on November 29th, Papa’s Pizza will donate 50% of your total purchases to our club. Tell your friends, family, and everybody you know. All the money raised during this fundraiser will donate to our Wheel – A – Thon Event during Spring term. You can print out the flyer at our blog under the fundraiser tap.
There is a new tap available on the blog title Internship and Opportunity, where information about internship and opportunity can be finds. Also we can find jobs and observation there too.
If you are a new member to the club, remember to sign the Membership Contract and pay the $10 club fee. This year, our club is offering a Mentorship Program, which the club will pair, members with other members to help each other. If you are interested in the program, please contact our Vice President, Laura Ann Chong at
Team Therapy (PTAH Flag Football team) is continually looking for more players. If you are interested, please contact, Jeff Ford,, with your name, gender, student ID # and he will able to give you more information.
If you are going to be in town for Thanksgiving break and need volunteer hours, please contact Annie Jones at for more information.
Also, our last meeting of the term is on the Tuesday of 1oth week. We will be holding a study session at the library. So come and bring your question. And we will try to help.

Hello everyone.

It is week five and we are about half way done with fall term; hope everyone is doing well in their classes! I am here to inform about the information that was presented at our last meeting on October 19th. We were very happy to have Lindsay Johnson from Creighton University, as our guest. Below is a summary and important point from Lindsay’s presentation.

Creighton University, Nebraska
– Total Student Body: 7,000 Students
– Professional Schools:
     o Pharmacy
     o Nursing
     o Medical School
     o Occupational Therapy
     o Physical Therapy
– Physical Therapy Program
     o 1st DPT Program in the US, established in 1993
     o The program is a little over 3 years, starting in August and finish in May.
     o Total of 8 semesters of classes in total with 46 weeks of clinical rotation throughout the 3 years
     o Apply as early as possible. Accept students through rolling admissions: “First Come, First Serve”.
     o First clinical experience is designed to “get your feet wet”. It is only 3 weeks but established to help you get use to the experience.
     o There are over 200 sites to choose from in the USA and Dominican Republic (Australia Sometimes) for your clinical rotation.
     o Creighton accepts 60 students a year, receiving an average of 450 applications and interview about 140 – 160 students.
     o When accepted, each student will have 2 advisors. One for academics, the other for clinical rotation.
     o GPA Requirements (based upon currently enrolled cohorts)
           Average Science GPA: 3.3
           Average GPA: 3.4 – 3.5
           GPA lesser than 3.0 = “Red Flag”
     o Interview
           2 Actual Interviews:
               • Between the applicant and faculty
               • Group interview with 3 – 4 applicants and faculty / PTs / Current Students
     o Application is through PTCAS.
           NO supplemental fee or applications – everything is in PTCAS
           Require GRE Score (1050, writing section is not included)
           60 hours of observation are needed –variety of settings suggested, but not required
     o What they look in an applicants
           Quarterly credit loads, throughout undergraduate education
           Institution where credits taken (OSU is a good institution due to nature of classes as assessed by CU)
– Occupational Therapy
     o First DOT Program
     o 31/2 years long with 9 semesters
     o 45 weeks of clinical rotation
     o 80 applicants a year with 45 students admitted
     o March 1st Deadline
     o OTCAS
           No GRE required
           No experience required
– Suggestions:
     o Update application (grades, hours, awards) when able on PTCAS
     o Successful Interview:
           Conversation with PT with regard to service and experience
           Connect one on one with your interview, much like a PT / Patient Relationship
           Don’t monopolize conversation or withdrawal during the group interview
           Very Evidence Based
                • W or Low Grade: produce evidence that it was a “fluke”
                • Evidence of PT Experience – Be able to talk about your experiences
           What Keeps you from getting an interview:
                • Pre – req GPA, overall GPA and GRE
                • Where you were taking classes
                • Quarter-hour conversion (making our courses compatible to the Semester system requirements)
                • Experience, or lack thereof
                • Letter of Recommendation
                     o Find someone who knows you and will write a lot
                          “2 lines on a letter of recommendation are not good….”
     o Always waive the right not to see the letter (PTCAS option)

In Other News:

The PTAH Club plans to do at least one community service event each term. Our Fall Term volunteer experience is scheduled for this Friday, October 29, from 3 – 5 pm at Corvallis Manor (show up whenever you can make it). The project is a Halloween event for the residents, consisting of games, cookie decorating, and trick-or-treating from local youth. Come dressed-up and ready to enjoy an evening full of new adventures. If you are free and can help set-up, please come between 2pm and 3pm. The address is 160 NE Conifer Blvd. If you are interested, please contact Annie Johnson,, with your name and whether-or-not you need a ride. There will be other volunteer opportunities offered throughout the year, but remember your 5-hour membership requirement is to be fulfilled each term.

If you are a part of IMPACT, the MS Exercise Program or another program, please let Annie know so we can document and credit you from your involvement. Remember the member who has the greatest participation (meetings, community service, IM Football, etc) with be highlighted at the end of the term.

The Able Student Alliance (ASA) at OSU is looking for students to join-in with support for their goals. ASA focuses to raise awareness for people with disability and the challenges they face on Oregon State’s campus. If interested, please contact Jeffrey Evans.

Team Therapy (PTAH Flag Football team) is continually looking for more players. If you are interested, please contact, Jeff Ford,, with your name, gender, student ID # and he will able to give you more information.

Up-coming Events:
– Nov. 2nd at 7pm: Ashley Riggs, PT, DPT from Samaritan Physical Rehab (OSU, Pacific Alum)
– Nov. 9th at 4pm: Pacific University information presentation in Kearney 212
– Week 3 of Winter Term: Mock interviews
– Visitation to University of Puget Sound, planning in progress for January.

I hope to see you at the next meeting next Tuesday at 7 pm.

Check out event picture at


Hello, everybody. This is Willie. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Midterm Week has just started and I trust that everyone is studying hard for their midterms. Speaking of midterm, our President, Courtney, had worked very hard in pairing everybody who signed up for the mentorship program. If you are a mentor, please contact your mentoree(s) as soon as possible so you can begin your mentorship relationship. If you are a mentoree, please expect to receive contact from your mentor and meet them on Tuesday. The mentorship program is designed so that your partnership can be as involved or uninvolved as necessary to meet your needs.

The PTAH Club’s second meeting is on October 19th, this coming Tuesday in Milam 123. Creighton University will be visiting from Nebraska, to present information on their Physical and Occupational Therapy programs. We encourage you to come, learn and ask all questions you may have regarding their programs or graduate school in general.

The Dessert Social is coming up on Thursday, October 21st, 2010. The club has invited EXSS faculty, staff and advisors to meet and socialize with official members of the club. To secure your attendance please bring your annual club fee of $10, along with your membership contract (if not previously turned in) and your idea of desert-to-be-made to this week’s club meeting.

Please come and join us for the PTAH Club’s second meeting of the year.

Remember to bring the $10 club fee. We look forward to seeing you there!

Hi, this is Willie again !!!

Yesterday was the PTAH Club 1st meeing of the year!!! YAY!! It was a great turn out. THANK YOU for everyone who show up !! But if you miss the meeting, it will be fine because I am going to tell you what we talk about at yesterday meeting!!! But I strongerly encourge you to come to the meeting. The officer introduced themselves and talk about the club. Then the old members and the new members are divided into club and play games!! It was a lot of fun. The following are information and dates that are IMPORTANT to all the members, these are the event dates that the officers and our advisor plan.

Club Meeting and Events for Fall Term:
– October 19th: Creighton University Visitation
– October 21st: Desert Social @ 6:30-8:30pm***
– November 2nd: Ashley Riggs, PT, DPT @ Samaritan Rehabilitation – OSU/Pacific Alumni
– November 9th: Pacific Visitation @ 4pm
– November 16th: Club Meeting
– November 30th: Study Group

These are some of the event that we plan!! Look into it and show up!!!

There are more, our officer who is incharge of Club Recruitment/Promotions, Jeff Ford, is leading a intermatraul co-ed Flag football team. Which sound a lot of fun!!! If you are interested in participating on the team, please email Jeff with your name, age, onid e-mail address and ID # to And we will see you on the field!!!

Also, if you are looking for volunteer opportunities, the program IMPACT still have some volunteer spots left. If you want to volunteer, then sign up. You can sign up with Annie Johnson, coordinater of community service and volunteer for the club. You can e-mail her or find the application and contract online.

One of the big event coming out is the Dessert Social. But the Dessert Social is only open to the student who are offical member. If you have fill out and sign the member contact, the only thing left to do is pay the annual $10 club fee . You can pay at the next meeting with cash or check. If you are paying with check, please write the check to PTAH CLUB.

Thank you again for your overwhelming attendance, participation and incredible smiles!!

If you have any question, feel free to contact any of the officers, including me. Thank You again!!

P.S. Contine to check out this blog and JOIN our Facebook group!!!!/pages/OSU-Pre-Therapy-and-Allied-Health-Club/110082385699861 and our next meeting is on the Oct. 19th @ 7PM!! I will see you there

Hi n Welcome!!!!!!

This is Willie, your PT club’s “BlogMaster”

This is my first time updating this blog. LOL ^_^. I hope everyone is having a great first week at school. The weather has been so nice lately, it made me want to go outside a lot more……

Me, and the rest of the PT Club’s officers would like to welcome everybody to come join our AWESOME FUN EXCITED club!!! The PTAH Club or the PT club for shor. This club is all about helping students to learn more about Pre – Therapy Allied Halth professions. I am sure this year will be a lot of fun!!!

Reminder, our FIRST MEETING is next Tuesday @ 7 PM in MU 202!!! Mark your clander

We will will be doing a lot of fun things so remember to show up and don’t be scared and we will do our very BEST to help!!!

BTW: I will update this blog weekly!!!