Hi, this is Willie again !!!

Yesterday was the PTAH Club 1st meeing of the year!!! YAY!! It was a great turn out. THANK YOU for everyone who show up !! But if you miss the meeting, it will be fine because I am going to tell you what we talk about at yesterday meeting!!! But I strongerly encourge you to come to the meeting. The officer introduced themselves and talk about the club. Then the old members and the new members are divided into club and play games!! It was a lot of fun. The following are information and dates that are IMPORTANT to all the members, these are the event dates that the officers and our advisor plan.

Club Meeting and Events for Fall Term:
– October 19th: Creighton University Visitation
– October 21st: Desert Social @ 6:30-8:30pm***
– November 2nd: Ashley Riggs, PT, DPT @ Samaritan Rehabilitation – OSU/Pacific Alumni
– November 9th: Pacific Visitation @ 4pm
– November 16th: Club Meeting
– November 30th: Study Group

These are some of the event that we plan!! Look into it and show up!!!

There are more, our officer who is incharge of Club Recruitment/Promotions, Jeff Ford, is leading a intermatraul co-ed Flag football team. Which sound a lot of fun!!! If you are interested in participating on the team, please email Jeff with your name, age, onid e-mail address and ID # to fordjef@onid.orst.edu. And we will see you on the field!!!

Also, if you are looking for volunteer opportunities, the program IMPACT still have some volunteer spots left. If you want to volunteer, then sign up. You can sign up with Annie Johnson, coordinater of community service and volunteer for the club. You can e-mail her or find the application and contract online.

One of the big event coming out is the Dessert Social. But the Dessert Social is only open to the student who are offical member. If you have fill out and sign the member contact, the only thing left to do is pay the annual $10 club fee . You can pay at the next meeting with cash or check. If you are paying with check, please write the check to PTAH CLUB.

Thank you again for your overwhelming attendance, participation and incredible smiles!!

If you have any question, feel free to contact any of the officers, including me. Thank You again!!

P.S. Contine to check out this blog and JOIN our Facebook group!!! http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/OSU-Pre-Therapy-and-Allied-Health-Club/110082385699861 and our next meeting is on the Oct. 19th @ 7PM!! I will see you there

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