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I hope everybody is having a great weekend. This is your blogmaster, Willie.

Thank you everyone for coming to our meeting on Monday for the University of Puget Sound’s presentation on their Physical Therapy
programs. Also, we need to send a big thank you to Jennifer Hastings for coming down from Tacoma to present to us.

In Dr. Hastings’s presentation, she describes to the members what the campus of university of Puget Sound look like and activities students can do around and in campus. She talks about what University of Puget Sound can offer for students in their PT school program and the different between a doctrine and master degree. Besides talking about the campus, she also inform about the cost of attending UPS and classes schedule. For example, during summer, students in the PT programs will have internship. Also first year students will have a research study to do for assignments. UPS’s PT program heavily focuses on peer to peer mentorship and clinical skills. Due to the fact that UPS’s
application is available on the PTCAS, the number of applicants is 545 students. But UPS will only select average 38 students who they feel ready and prepare for their program. Dr. Hastings also told us what she look for when she is reading students application,

–         3.0 or above GPA

–         A good
score on the verbal and writing section of the GRE

–         “Unique” Minor such as Spanish, Public Health or Art

–         “Unique” working experience. Rather than PT Aide, participate in a research will make your application stand out more

–         A good grade on Anatomy and Physics series

–         A good first 5 sentences on your essay


There are some of the details that Dr. Hastings looks for in
an application. She also introduces the Occupational Therapy program offer at
UPS. The UPS’s OT program has 2 different sections, one is the practice of
occupational therapy and the other one is the research aspect of occupational
therapy. The OT programs only offer master degree in Occupational Therapy.

On the side note, there will be no intramural sport team this term. But if you are very interest in participating sport event with us, Team Therapy might join a in – door soccer tournament. If interest, please contact Josh Young at youngjos@onid.orst.edu with your name, grade, student ID, and your contact information.

Remember there will be a meeting on Week 6’s Monday. The topic will be our annual Wheel – A – Thon. We will need every member to participate in the event and help us create the best Wheel – A – Thon yet.

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