Hello everyone.

It is week five and we are about half way done with fall term; hope everyone is doing well in their classes! I am here to inform about the information that was presented at our last meeting on October 19th. We were very happy to have Lindsay Johnson from Creighton University, as our guest. Below is a summary and important point from Lindsay’s presentation.

Creighton University, Nebraska
– Total Student Body: 7,000 Students
– Professional Schools:
     o Pharmacy
     o Nursing
     o Medical School
     o Occupational Therapy
     o Physical Therapy
– Physical Therapy Program
     o 1st DPT Program in the US, established in 1993
     o The program is a little over 3 years, starting in August and finish in May.
     o Total of 8 semesters of classes in total with 46 weeks of clinical rotation throughout the 3 years
     o Apply as early as possible. Accept students through rolling admissions: “First Come, First Serve”.
     o First clinical experience is designed to “get your feet wet”. It is only 3 weeks but established to help you get use to the experience.
     o There are over 200 sites to choose from in the USA and Dominican Republic (Australia Sometimes) for your clinical rotation.
     o Creighton accepts 60 students a year, receiving an average of 450 applications and interview about 140 – 160 students.
     o When accepted, each student will have 2 advisors. One for academics, the other for clinical rotation.
     o GPA Requirements (based upon currently enrolled cohorts)
           Average Science GPA: 3.3
           Average GPA: 3.4 – 3.5
           GPA lesser than 3.0 = “Red Flag”
     o Interview
           2 Actual Interviews:
               • Between the applicant and faculty
               • Group interview with 3 – 4 applicants and faculty / PTs / Current Students
     o Application is through PTCAS.
           NO supplemental fee or applications – everything is in PTCAS
           Require GRE Score (1050, writing section is not included)
           60 hours of observation are needed –variety of settings suggested, but not required
     o What they look in an applicants
           Quarterly credit loads, throughout undergraduate education
           Institution where credits taken (OSU is a good institution due to nature of classes as assessed by CU)
– Occupational Therapy
     o First DOT Program
     o 31/2 years long with 9 semesters
     o 45 weeks of clinical rotation
     o 80 applicants a year with 45 students admitted
     o March 1st Deadline
     o OTCAS
           No GRE required
           No experience required
– Suggestions:
     o Update application (grades, hours, awards) when able on PTCAS
     o Successful Interview:
           Conversation with PT with regard to service and experience
           Connect one on one with your interview, much like a PT / Patient Relationship
           Don’t monopolize conversation or withdrawal during the group interview
           Very Evidence Based
                • W or Low Grade: produce evidence that it was a “fluke”
                • Evidence of PT Experience – Be able to talk about your experiences
           What Keeps you from getting an interview:
                • Pre – req GPA, overall GPA and GRE
                • Where you were taking classes
                • Quarter-hour conversion (making our courses compatible to the Semester system requirements)
                • Experience, or lack thereof
                • Letter of Recommendation
                     o Find someone who knows you and will write a lot
                          “2 lines on a letter of recommendation are not good….”
     o Always waive the right not to see the letter (PTCAS option)

In Other News:

The PTAH Club plans to do at least one community service event each term. Our Fall Term volunteer experience is scheduled for this Friday, October 29, from 3 – 5 pm at Corvallis Manor (show up whenever you can make it). The project is a Halloween event for the residents, consisting of games, cookie decorating, and trick-or-treating from local youth. Come dressed-up and ready to enjoy an evening full of new adventures. If you are free and can help set-up, please come between 2pm and 3pm. The address is 160 NE Conifer Blvd. If you are interested, please contact Annie Johnson, johnsoan@onid.orst.edu, with your name and whether-or-not you need a ride. There will be other volunteer opportunities offered throughout the year, but remember your 5-hour membership requirement is to be fulfilled each term.

If you are a part of IMPACT, the MS Exercise Program or another program, please let Annie know so we can document and credit you from your involvement. Remember the member who has the greatest participation (meetings, community service, IM Football, etc) with be highlighted at the end of the term.

The Able Student Alliance (ASA) at OSU is looking for students to join-in with support for their goals. ASA focuses to raise awareness for people with disability and the challenges they face on Oregon State’s campus. If interested, please contact Jeffrey Evans.

Team Therapy (PTAH Flag Football team) is continually looking for more players. If you are interested, please contact, Jeff Ford, fordjef@onid.orst.edu, with your name, gender, student ID # and he will able to give you more information.

Up-coming Events:
– Nov. 2nd at 7pm: Ashley Riggs, PT, DPT from Samaritan Physical Rehab (OSU, Pacific Alum)
– Nov. 9th at 4pm: Pacific University information presentation in Kearney 212
– Week 3 of Winter Term: Mock interviews
– Visitation to University of Puget Sound, planning in progress for January.

I hope to see you at the next meeting next Tuesday at 7 pm.

Check out event picture at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2082129&id=1035401836


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