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Coos Bay Museum

We’re going be starting work shortly with the Coos Bay Historical and Maritime Museum, as they work to put together a new exhibit on Oregon fishing history, designed to open in October of 2011. We’re really excited by this partnership and the opportunity to learn about fishing history for two different forums—a museum exhibit, and for this on-going web project.

The Coos County Historical Society was founded in 1891, making it the second oldest in Oregon. They have started fund-raising for a new museum, public plaza and wharf project on the Coos Bay waterfront, a $17 million project. It’s an exciting project and we’re thrilling to be a small part of it.

What we’re interesting in seeing is if this website can play a role in uncovering the history of fishing in Coos Bay. We’re hoping to post new information as we uncover it, and to seek responses from community members who might want to contribute their expertise and their thoughts about how one of the most dynamic industries in Coos County evolved—and continues to evolve.

Check back to see what we’ve discovered.

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  1. Steve Sappington says:

    I am looking for any pictures of the F/V Intrepid. It sank on the Coos Bay bar in the late 70’s. I would appreciate any info that would lead me to any existing pictures anyone might have. It was built on the Siletz River. I went down with her that day. I have been looking everywhere for any pics. She was a beauty…Pieces of the bow and wheelhouse washed up on Bastendorf….I remember someone having salvaged those pieces….Any other info would truly be appreciated.

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