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"Living off the Pacific Ocean Floor"

test “In 1965, we found new fishing grounds for Ocean Perch off the Oregon Coast. We were running and I was watching the fathometer. Suddenly I saw a big black spot on the screen. I got pretty excited because I … Continue reading

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"Adventures in "rockfish" Cookery," from 1951

Isn’t this a marvelous drawing? I was looking for information at OSU’s Valley Library this week and I plugged “Sebastes” into the search engine. Up popped a number of interesting items, including this one, to a publication of the Oregon … Continue reading

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My article in The Solutions Journal

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An appreciation for Michael Graham

This is my absolute favorite quotation about fishing: “The trail of fisheries science is strewn with the opinions of those who, while partly right, were wholly wrong.” That’s from Michael Graham’s classic book, The Fish Gate, published in 1943. I’ve … Continue reading

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Oregon trawlers called them "rosies"

One of the stories that I vividly remember from my days working for The Oregonian was a meeting that Oregon Sea Grant agent Bob Jacobsen set up with four of Newport’s older fishermen. One of them was Gordon White and … Continue reading

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Facts and Fish

I teach world history and over Christmas break I found myself working on a lecture about history–what is history, how do we do it, and how has the writing of history changed over time. I found myself going back to … Continue reading

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Tyler Fields and NorthWest20

Those of us lucky to have been able to spend time in Newport, Or., probably know this boat in the picture below, even if they don’t know much about her. Her name is the Helen McCall, and she was an … Continue reading

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The Albaross and Redfish

One of the things I love about history is way that bits of information connect and illuminate. I’ve been reading about the  Sebastes family of fish, as I get started on my next research project (take a look at our … Continue reading

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The Pollock Project

I’m glad to say I’m not the only person interested in the development of Pacific fisheries. Dr. Kevin Bailey at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center is interested in the development of the pollock fishery. Here’s an abstract of what we’re … Continue reading

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The Redfish Project

Meet Sebastes alutus, the focus of my next research project. Fishermen call them Pacific Ocean Perch, or POP. If you wanted to meet one, you’d need to be in about 100 fathoms of water, somewhere along the edge of the … Continue reading

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