The graduate program, formerly known as History of Science has been renamed History and Philosophy of Science. This change, which will fully take effect in summer 2020, was a collaborative effort over the past seven years of various faculty members within the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion at Oregon State University.

This new exciting change will help to bring history and philosophy faculty together to work closely with graduate students in order to foster a robust program that focuses to unite both historical and philosophical scholarship of science. This new change aligns well with the academic goals of the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion, which formed several years ago, thus merging history and philosophy together into a single consolidated academic department at Oregon State University.

The new program will help to combine the long tradition of the History of Science at Oregon State University and the shared conceptual and societal context of the philosophy of science. The ultimate goal will help to create the crucial link at Oregon State University between the sciences and the humanities.

The History and Philosophy of Science program has the full the support of the faculty in the history and philosophy department. The program will offer MA, MS, and PhD degrees.