Oregon State University is unique in its dedication to bridging the divide between the sciences and the humanities.  History and Philosophy of Science has a long tradition at OSU, with numerous scholars on the faculty who research and teach on the topic. Until 2019 the program was called History of Science, but was broadened to embrace Philosophy of Science to take advantage of the extraordinary expertise in that field within the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion.  We also offer a wide array of undergraduate courses specifically oriented toward the history and philosophy of science, health, medicine, and technology, exploring not only conceptual changes over time, but also the many interactions among the sciences, the natural world, politics, and other aspects of human society.

This blog is designed to keep up with the many activities of our faculty, graduate students, and speakers, while reaching out to the wider community.  We welcome comments on our blog posts, and inquiries from those wishing to pursue an advanced degree in History and Philosophy of Science.

Click here for more information about the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion at Oregon State University.

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