Please note: the graduate program changed to History and Philosophy of Science as of Fall 2019. Degrees awarded before that were in History of Science.

Ph.D. in History of Science

Dvorak, Anna (Hamblin, 2019). “The Scientist’s Imagination: Cold War Politics and Nuclear Futures in Leo Szilard’s Fact and Fiction.”

Natarajan, Ambika (von Germeten, 2019). “Sex, Surveillance, and the Servant Question in Vienna: 1850-1914.”

Caulkins, Tamara (Guerrini, 2018), “The Science of Becoming Noble: Rationalizing Aristocracy through Diagrammatic Notations for Dance and Drill in the Age of Enlightenment”

Hahn, Andre (Osborne, 2018). “Forms of Life: Goethe’s Impact on Twentieth-century Anglophone Botany and Morphology”

Simpson, Emily (Hamblin, 2018). “Mars and Popular Astronomy, 1890-1910”

Kellar, Brenda (Guerrini, 2018). “Honey Bees and Apple Trees: Hood River, Oregon, as a Case Study for the Creation of the Honey Bee Pollination Industry”

Wollert, Edwin (Kopperman, 2017). “An Assessment of the ‘Sweating Sickness’ Affecting England during the Tudor Dynasty”

Canavan, Barbara (Guerrini, 2016). “Opening Pandora’s Box at the Roof of the World: the Past and Present of Avian Influenza Science”

Tattersall, Mason (Luft, 2015). “Exploring the Structural Dynamics of Human Understanding: An Historico-Philosophical Analysis of the Problem of Meaning in Heidegger and Bohr”

Richards, Linda (Hamblin, 2014). “Rocks and Reactors: An Atomic Interpretation of Human Rights, 1945-1979”

Christensen, Terry (Nye, Mary Jo, 2009). “John Archibald Wheeler: A Study of Mentoring in Modern Physics”

Gormley, Melinda (Nye, Mary Jo, 2006). “Geneticist L.C. Dunn: Politics, Activism, and Community”

Ellis, Erik (Nye, Mary Jo, 2005). “Dixy Lee Ray, Marine Biology, and the Public Understanding of Science in the United States (1930-1970)”

Harper, Kristine (Doel, 2003). “Boundaries of Research: Civilian Leadership, Military Funding, and the International Network Surrounding the Development of Numerical Weather”

Jolly, J. Christopher (Nye, Mary Jo, 2003). “Thresholds of Uncertainty: Radiation and Responsibility in the Fallout Controversy”

Johnson, Kristin (Farber, 2003). “Karl Jordan: A Life in Systematics”

Hall, Robert Dale (Morris, 1998). “Education of American research astronomers, 1876-1941”

Reid, Tim S. (Farber, 1997). “Mormons and Evolution: A History of B. H. Roberts and His Attempt to Reconcile Science and Religion”

M.A. or M.S. in History of Science

Paoli, Gus (Hamblin, 2018)

Satishchandran, Siddharth (Osborne, 2018)

Schmaltz, Logan (Hamblin, 2018)

Lovestone, Lauren (Kopperman, 2017)

McConnell, Matthew (Osborne, 2016)

Nielsen, Elizabeth (Osborne, 2016)

McGuffie, Joshua (Hamblin, 2015)

Dvorak, Anna (Hamblin, 2014)

Reddington, James Eric (Guerrini, 2014)

Rumbles, Peter (Hamblin, 2013)

Chen, Jindan (Hamblin, 2013)

Jamison, Tracy (Osborne, 2013)

Tavakol, Mahdieh (Hamblin, 2012)

Ellis, Kyle (Guerrini, 2011)

StClair, Rachel (Osborne, 2011)

Cray, Laura (Osborne, 2011)

Biegel, Craig (Doel, 2010)

Schweikert, Tina (Guerrini, 2010)

Hall, Alice (Sarasohn, 2008)

Jensen, Erica (Robbins, 2008)

Koroloff, Rachel (Farber, 2007)

Zimmerman, Katie (Farber, 2007)

Christensen, Terry (Nye, Mary Jo, 2006)

Swanner, Leandra (Nye, Mary Jo, 2006)

Long, Tulley (Farber, 2006)

McCabe, Leslie (Nye, Robert, 2004)

Boltseridge, Nathan (Nye, Robert, 2004)

Ellis, Erik (Nye, Mary Jo, 2003)

Gormley, Melinda (Nye, Mary Jo, 2003)

Stoller, Kevin (Nye, Robert, 2002)

Hahn, Linda (Nye, Mary Jo, 2000)

Johnson, Kristin (Farber, 2000)

Schefke, Brian (Doel, 2000)

Jolly, J. Christopher (Nye, Mary Jo, 1998)

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