by Linda M. Richards*

My latest blog entry has been delayed due to theft! But before you read on, wondering, what does this have to do with the history of science, please keep in mind one of the greatest scientists of our time, Linus Pauling, believed that the structure of molecules and society determined behavior.

I have had trouble with my left foot since the one time I tried to be a hero. I worked my senior high school summer at the Lighthouse for the Blind in Napa Valley, California as a camp counselor.  One day, I was walking nearby the horse stalls when one of the horses started bucking with one of the blind campers on its back. In the nick of time, I grabbed the horse, the reins, and the camper, preventing disaster, but in exchange, my bare foot was smashed by the horse’s hoof.

Ever since, finding shoes I can walk in has been a challenge, and the shoes I brought to Europe have became excruciating to wear. This morning while I was doing my laundry, I jumped the tram and rode back to downtown where I had seen a cheaper shoe store to try on a pair and voila! While I was walking about testing my toes’ response to the sexy heels, my big, clunky purse walked off! Inside was my precious I-phone with 583 photos that had not been yet been put in the drop box to be saved, my apartment key, my eyeglasses, my favorite running jacket, my credit cards, and $100 in Swiss Francs. Continue reading