Pictures posted

Created a new page with photos of all of the designs from our workshop. Updated most of the information on the site. 2 weeks ago, we submitted a manuscript for review at ACM E-Energy 2015.

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Spring 2012 – Week 4

The data analysis is well under way! We get more interview audios transcribed this week and we are using open coding for analyzing the data. Stay tuned for more updates incoming weeks when we hopefully have some intial findings to report.

On another update, we started brainstorming ideas for an journal article, extending our previous paper on ‘Studying Always-On Electricity Feedback in the Home’. To some of us as graduate/undergraduate students, this will be our first research paper. How exciting!
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Spring 2012 – Week 3

This week, data collection of our field study approaches completion. Karl ran a study session with a large student household last week. Josie and Andrew ran another one this week. The interviews seemed to confirm our initial hypothesis that motivations for reduced electricity consumption vary somewhat consistently between our three populations of interest–students, nuclear families, and older adults. On another update, we’ve got our first interview audio transcribed and we will start the data analysis soon.

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Field Study

We are currently conducting a field study to gather information about domestic energy consumption. In addition to helping us better understand personal electricity consumption, what we collect will inform the design of the specific feedback technology we deploy in a future study phase. We are specifically focusing on what kind of useful data we can make available and in what form it is best presented.

If you have any comments, or would like to participate in this study, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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