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Financial Analysis

  January 14th, 2010

My biggest dreams.

1. Have a family with a man I love. 

2. Be able to travel

3. Own my own coffee/bakery business 


I will focus on owning my own business for this assignment.

For many years now I have always thought that it would be perfect for me to own a coffee shop/bakery with my sisters. We are all in love with coffee and drink it probably more than we should. Lets just say, we appreciate it. That goes for baked goods as well. My sisters and I are best friends and would make perfect co-owners together. 

This is an honest dream of mine. It is something that I will strive to do after I graduate college. The main barrier that I will have to face is cost. After doing a little research on owning your own business, I have learned that it is going to cost me nearly as much as I will pay for my bachelors degree. It is also going to be hard to find the right location and to actually create a business that lasts and works. 

I feel that between my two sisters and I we will be able to come up with enough loans to pay for it. It will just be a matter of our dedication to the company and I feel strongly that we would all be dedicated enough to make this company work.


Current Finances

Income: Monthly- $600  Yearly- $7,200
Expenses: Rent $300   $3,600
  Electricty $25   $300
  Cable/ $10   $120
  Groceries $100   $1,200
  Other $100   $1,200
  Total: $535   $6,420
Disposable Income: $65   $780


Budget Projections:          
Initial starting cost: Low:   High:    
Building cost: $200,000   $365,000    
Business Liscense: $100   $100    
Furniture:   $1,000   $2,000    
Decorations:   $200   $500    
Misc:   $200   $500    
  Total: $201,500   $368,100    
Weekly Costs:     Yearly Costs:  
    Low: High:   Low: High:
Coffee grounds: $150 $300   $1,800 $3,600
Creamer/sugar/etc.: $100 $300   $1,200 $3,600
Pastries:   $100 $400   $1,200 $4,800
Cups/plates: $50 $100   $600 $1,200
  Total: $400 $1,100   $4,800 $13,200
  Income: $1,080     $12,960  









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