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2-Windshield Wipers

  February 11th, 2010
Could you imagine a life without windshield wipers?

Could you imagine a life without windshield wipers?

I decided to research the invention of windshield wipers because I have grown up in an area that rains on average 36 inches every year. I have been driving myself around now for 5 years and have obviously ridden in cars since I was just a baby. I could not imagine living a life that did not consist of windshield wipers. This image to the right shows what we would see everyday driving our cars when it is raining. Could you imagine having to get out of your car to scrap off snow every time or to wipe off the rain that has gathered? We are very lucky people to have had such amazing inventions take place before our time. Mary Anderson was not the first to think up a windshield wiper, but she was the first to actually create one that worked. Her invention has branched off so many other inventions. Not only outside of the car business, but because of this single invention she has allowed at least four other inventions to take place. In 1921 the automatic windshield wiper was invented and soon after that in 1926 the electric version was made. Now we see things like heated wipers and wipers for your rear window! Another invention is a formula called Rain X that is a liquid you put on your windows to actually make the rain bounce right off of your window. What will our amazing inventors think up of next?

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