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Donations by credit card?  January 25th, 2011

Linn Benton Food share has the ability to take credit card donations via the web only. It is through a third party site, Network for Good. The web address for the LBFS giving page is

There is an optional line with the ability to “designate” funds. Fill in “OSU Food Drive” and your unit name for tracking.

The stats for how we make a difference.  January 20th, 2011

Stephanie in the Chancellor’s Office asked what portion of Linn Benton Food Share’s yearly budget comes from our drive. Ryan McCambridge reported “OSU Totals from last year represent 25% of our yearly food purchase dollars or 7.7% of our total budget (food & non food)”.

Thanks for the great question Stephanie!

“There is food here for you.”  January 14th, 2011

Colleen, from Linn-Benton Food Share thanked everyone (for attending the 2001 OSU Food Drive Kick-off) and became choked up while talking about what our efforts make possible. She said she’s amazed when some people come in and apologize for having to be there. The message she wants to be able to tell everyone who comes through their door is “There is food here for you.”

She said more and more they’re getting requests for foods with low sugar, low salt, and gluten-free items.

Linn-Benton Food Share’s goal this year is to be able to distribute five million pounds of food to their network of 70 member agencies. Here in Corvallis that includes the south Corvallis food bank, the north food bank at St. Vincent DePaul at St. Mary’s Church on 25th Street, and the OSU Food Pantry.

~Contributed by Julie Howard, College of Forestry

Packaging ideas  January 12th, 2011

If you do a fundraiser themed around Valentine’s Day, you might want to check out They have a fun selection of packaging that’s cost effective and right in line with the holiday.

The latest hunger stats  December 9th, 2010

Here’s a recent article listing the top 10 hungry states (with some additional good stats.) Thanks Cass for sharing!

We may be up there in food insecurity, but notice that we are not at the top for obesity. A good sign that we are at least making some healthy choices.

The latest numbers  September 8th, 2010

Rising unemployment and foreclosures due to the current economic recession resulted in 240,000 people per month eating meals from an emergency food box last year, up from 200,000 the previous year.  of those, 36 percent are children.

A basic family budget – enough to cover the essential needs for a family of four was $45,274 in 2007, while a full time job at Oregon’s 2009 minimum wage provided only $17,500.

*Statistics provided by the Oregon Food Bank Network September 2010

We did it!  March 8th, 2010

We did it!  We raised 519,000 lbs of food! Congratulations OSU!

We beat our last years record by 34,000 lbs. Great job!!

Footwise Raised $12,000!  February 18th, 2010

Last weekend, Footwise Shoe Store donated 30% of one day’s profits to the Oregon Food Bank.  All Footwise stores across Oregon participated and together they raised $12,000!

Thank you Footwise!

-Kate Sanders

An Evening of Fun!  February 17th, 2010

OSU is doing a great job raising money and food for the annual food drive. Today, Mary Fulton in Microbiology shared with me one of their successful events:

“Last Friday the departments of Microbiology (MB), Biochemistry and Biophysics (BB) and Food Science and Technology (FST) joined forces for a fun evening of fund raising for the OSU Food Drive.  We had a Pub Quiz, silent auction, games and a raffle at the Old World Deli.  It began as a joint venture between MB and BB – but FST asked to join us.  We did well, raising $1600+.”

Great job everyone!  Keep up the good work.

-Kate Sanders

Cashier’s Office  February 15th, 2010

Need a safe place to deposit your food drive cash and checks – head over to the Cashier’s Office.  They are all set to take our food drive donations. I am heading over there tomorrow to pick up the donation forms that have been turned in.

Wondering how to bundle that cash?  At the very least, make sure the bills are all facing the same direction and are grouped by denomination.  If you have a lot of cash, you can bundle it in the following way:

  • one dollar bills – group in sets of 25
  • five dollar bills – group in sets of 20
  • ten dollar bills – group in sets of 20
  • twenty dollar bills – group in sets of 25
  • one hundred dollar bills – group in sets of 10

If someone receives a five hundred dollar bill – be sure to let me know so I can jump up and down with joy!    (Then group them in sets of 10.)

For checks, bundle them all together. It is helpful to bundle them in the same order as you wrote them down on your deposit sheet.  Speeds up the process.

Thank you all and please be sure to thank the Cashier’s Office.

-Kate Sanders