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Cashier’s Office

Posted February 15th, 2010 by sandekat

Need a safe place to deposit your food drive cash and checks – head over to the Cashier’s Office.  They are all set to take our food drive donations. I am heading over there tomorrow to pick up the donation forms that have been turned in.

Wondering how to bundle that cash?  At the very least, make sure the bills are all facing the same direction and are grouped by denomination.  If you have a lot of cash, you can bundle it in the following way:

  • one dollar bills – group in sets of 25
  • five dollar bills – group in sets of 20
  • ten dollar bills – group in sets of 20
  • twenty dollar bills – group in sets of 25
  • one hundred dollar bills – group in sets of 10

If someone receives a five hundred dollar bill – be sure to let me know so I can jump up and down with joy!    (Then group them in sets of 10.)

For checks, bundle them all together. It is helpful to bundle them in the same order as you wrote them down on your deposit sheet.  Speeds up the process.

Thank you all and please be sure to thank the Cashier’s Office.

-Kate Sanders

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