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Archives: February, 2010

OSU Faculty reports about hunger in Oregon  February 23rd, 2010

OSU’s Rural Studies Program faculty has reported some interesting hunger facts in the past few months. Check out the links below to learn more!

Faculty Affiliates Joan Gross and Nancy Rosenberger were published in the December issue of the journal Food, Culture & Society on “The Double Binds of Getting Food among the Poor in Rural Oregon.” Science Daily provided an overview article.

New Rural Studies Program Publications include:
Understanding Food Insecurity and “Hunger” in Oregon by RSP Faculty Affiliate Mark Edwards;

Who is Vulnerable to Hunger in Oregon? by RSP Faculty Affiliate Mark Edwards; and

Changing Federal County Payments and Rural Oregon Counties: Analysis of Policy Impacts and Responses from Loss of Secure Rural School Funding in Selected Oregon Counties by former MPP Student Dawn Marie Gaid.

Footwise Raised $12,000!  February 18th, 2010

Last weekend, Footwise Shoe Store donated 30% of one day’s profits to the Oregon Food Bank.  All Footwise stores across Oregon participated and together they raised $12,000!

Thank you Footwise!

-Kate Sanders

An Evening of Fun!  February 17th, 2010

OSU is doing a great job raising money and food for the annual food drive. Today, Mary Fulton in Microbiology shared with me one of their successful events:

“Last Friday the departments of Microbiology (MB), Biochemistry and Biophysics (BB) and Food Science and Technology (FST) joined forces for a fun evening of fund raising for the OSU Food Drive.  We had a Pub Quiz, silent auction, games and a raffle at the Old World Deli.  It began as a joint venture between MB and BB – but FST asked to join us.  We did well, raising $1600+.”

Great job everyone!  Keep up the good work.

-Kate Sanders

Cashier’s Office  February 15th, 2010

Need a safe place to deposit your food drive cash and checks – head over to the Cashier’s Office.  They are all set to take our food drive donations. I am heading over there tomorrow to pick up the donation forms that have been turned in.

Wondering how to bundle that cash?  At the very least, make sure the bills are all facing the same direction and are grouped by denomination.  If you have a lot of cash, you can bundle it in the following way:

  • one dollar bills – group in sets of 25
  • five dollar bills – group in sets of 20
  • ten dollar bills – group in sets of 20
  • twenty dollar bills – group in sets of 25
  • one hundred dollar bills – group in sets of 10

If someone receives a five hundred dollar bill – be sure to let me know so I can jump up and down with joy!    (Then group them in sets of 10.)

For checks, bundle them all together. It is helpful to bundle them in the same order as you wrote them down on your deposit sheet.  Speeds up the process.

Thank you all and please be sure to thank the Cashier’s Office.

-Kate Sanders

Food Drive Fair  February 15th, 2010

The Food Drive Fair was a success! Thank you to Biological and Ecological Engineering, the OSU Foundation, Foreign Languages and Literature, University Advancement and the College of Forestry for braving the rain to raise money for the drive.

I personally didn’t have anything to sell, but I was out there helping to promote the booth and trying to get folks to stop by and purchase food and raffle tickets – I even helped raise money.  One lady paid me $1 to leave her alone! (She was very kind by the way.)

So – keep those fund raising ideas and events flowing.  We are about half way though and still have lot of money and food to raise.

Thank you all!

-Kate Sanders

Our Pledge and the Governor’s Challenge!  February 10th, 2010

University Advancement (Kegan Sims and Carson Dunlap) created this video to help raise awareness for the OSU Food Drive and the Food Fair on February 12.  The video includes University Advancement’s pledge to donate one penny per view. Please share!

As a reminder, individuals who donate $144 or more towards the Food Drive will receive recognition from the Governor. Please help us by keeping track of who makes the donations and be sure to let Kate Sanders know.  We will then inform the state so they can receive proper recognition. (You can include their name on the donation ledgers you turn into the Cashier’s office with your deposit).

-Kate Sanders

Coffee and Shoes! Feb. 13 & Feb. 14  February 10th, 2010

The Corvallis Community is raising funds and food for the Linn Benton Food Share.  This weekend, You can get $1 coffee at Dutch Brothers (on Feb. 14) and Footwise Shoe Store will donate 30% of the entire day’s (Feb. 13) profits to Linn Benton Food Share. So if you need new shoes, buy them on Saturday and then on Sunday get your $1 coffee (ANY coffee, you just need to give them $1 and 3 cans of food).

Saturday Shoes. Sunday Coffee. Saturday Shoes. Sunday Coffee….

Participating Dutch Brother Locations:
Bring 3 cans of food to the Dutch Bros locations listed below and receive any beverage of your choice for $1.00.  All donations benefit Linn Benton Food Share and our local agency network.

2001 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis
1855 SE 3rd St, Corvallis
425 Harrison Blvd, Corvallis
1895 Pacific Blvd SW, Albany
1125 9th street, Albany
2840 Santiam Hwy SE, Albany
1491 S Main St, Lebanon
540 Main St, Sweet Home

-Kate Sanders