Steel Bridge Competition
OSU Captain Kileigh Shea runs a lateral brace to the construction site. [Photo by Hannah Gustin]
The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) put together a Pacific Northwest Student Conference the weekend of April 25-27 at Oregon State University. Events included a concrete canoe competition, a technical paper competition, and an engineering knowledge competition, among others.

McAlexander Fieldhouse was filled with excitement on the final day of the conference as 17 schools from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and Montana participated in the steel bridge competition. Each team practices and then brings their skills to see who can build the lightest bridge in the least amount of time. After the bridge is complete, 2,500 pounds of weight is put on it. The bridge that fares best under the massive weight is considered the better model. University of Alaska Fairbanks came in first place while Oregon State took fourth place. The contest is a great opportunity for some friendly competition, networking, and a little showing off between civil engineers from different universities.

Prof. Thomas Miller, OSU’s ASCE faculty advisor, had only positive things to say about the event: “The steel bridge contest was a great way for civil engineering students to improve their engineering skills, fabrication with steel through welding, and teamwork throughout the process, especially evident in the construction part of the competition.”

Overall it was a great weekend to be involved in the exciting events surrounding the College of Engineering!

Go Beavs!

–Chelsi Rayford

See more photos of the competition.

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