Whether it’s to boost your resume, make friends, or learn more about a topic you find interesting, Oregon State has many student clubs for a variety of interests. One club that deserves some attention is the OSU Hydrogen Club. The club aims to raise awareness about hydrogen, consider the production, transfer, storage and consummation of hydrogen, and to develop hydrogen-based projects.

The hydrogen club already has some exciting projects lined up for this term including work with an electrolyzer to generate hydrogen and using the OSU Hydrogen Trailer for some community education projects!

If you’re hydrogen curious, check them out at:







–Chelsi Rayford

With flat screen TVs being a multi-billion dollar industry, John Wager, Oregon State professor of electrical and computer engineering, was headed in the right direction when he developed specialized transistor to make clear display screens a reality. With the transistors now being licensed by some big names, the next step is how to manufacture these fancy TVs and create less waste in the process. View the whole story here.

–Chelsi Rayford

“Dreams may have something to do with humans never being satisfied, which is why we go exploring in the first place”
–Don Pettit.

Being ranked fourth of all NASA astronauts for time in space, Pettit is kept busy conducting experiments, creating science videos, and even planting zucchini that’s out of this world…. literally. Read the whole story on his space dreams here.

–Chelsi Rayford