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Dawn Patrol

November 28th, 2011

Dawn Patrol is a term that many people may not know of, but as a surfer and water enthusiast it is a commonly known term for those that arrive at the beach before sunrise, ready to take on the morning in search of epic results. The individuals that take part in the dawn patrol of our beaches are those with their equipment tuned, their gear packed, and their minds ready to plunge into the cold of the dark ocean for the allure that they will be the first to surf the morning swell. So what does this have to do with our trip to India? Well for me I feel like it is the night before the morning swell and I am getting my gear ready and tuned for a great adventure that lies ahead except that in this situation, that epic morning swell is an epic trip to India. For my fellow travelers and I, we are all on Dawn Patrol, preparing for the great trip ahead and becoming increasingly inspired by photos, videos, patterns, textures, and everything else that will get us excited. In the time that I have had to prepare myself for this trip, I have discovered many things that you all might find stimulating as well. So in this post and the following ones I will share a few of the many great things I have found.



Patagonia Look Book:

In a recent patagonia look book, they included a narrated slide show from surfer trevor gordon. There are great images that really highlight the people and life of the community. Check it out:


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