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Combining Patterns, Styles, and Textures

November 28th, 2011

I am very inspired by the use of multiple textures, patterns, weaving styles, and/or colors incorporated into one final design. The textures can be differentiated by the type of materials used like cotton or wool, the pattern can be different with a design inspired by a another Deity, or important story. The weaving can contain its own pattern just by how the materials are put together, it can be tight, with not a lot of pattern, loose with some pattern, or really loose and have very intricate details (like the scarf on the top right). Whether it be an infinity scarf with one or multiple pieces, or a standard scarf with two ends, there are many combinations that can be formed to create something beautiful with meaning behind it. I am not only interested in combining different textures, patterns, weaving styles, and colors, but also separate pieces of material, sewn together in a unique way. It would be interesting to design a scarf that can be worn in many ways, and also have a different look with each way it is wrapped around your neck. The use of multiple pieces of material can also add a lot of dimension and volume to create as large of a scarf as desired.


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