How to hide PrintFriendly button

The PrintFriendly WP plugin is awesome but the default button on is not. Here’s how to fix that.


The PrintFriendly plugin for WordPress is an awesome and easy way to extend print options over that of the default. Unfortunately, when the plugin was added to it automatically added a green print button to every page and post. Here’s what I do to remove that button while still getting all the benefits of PrintFriendly.

Wait, so what’s the problem again?

why green button?

Big green button at an orange school ;-)

Also… who asked for this to show up? What if I don’t want a big green button that doesn’t fit the look and feel of my site?

First step, plugin settings!

From your site’s dashboard head to settings/PrintFriendly & PDF in the left hand admin menu.

You’ll notice there are lots of options. Scroll down to the “Display button on:” section. Uncheck all the boxes but one. Leave “Add direct to template” checked. Done! (mostly)
check boxes
The PrintFriendly plugin still works if a user selects print from their browser or equivalent keyboard command.

What if I reeeeaaallly want a button for users to click?

Okay… couple things you can do. As you saw in the plugin settings page – there are lots of options of how the button looks and what text to use for your call-to-print-action. Play around to your heart’s delight. Remember though – #d73f09 is the branded orange you want. (Refer to the Oregon State Brand Colors)


the button still doesn’t play nice formatting wise… as in where it floats or is not in line… (le sigh)

Between the “Pick Your Button Style” and “Display button on” sections of the settings is the “Button Positioning” section. Play with that to your heart’s content. Or if that still doesn’t work. Simply use the in-page shortcode and use inline CSS and classes to position.


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