Helpful thingies

Here’s some helpful thingies

Below are free web services (mostly) that I find helpful to get stuff done.


When to use which image type (memorize this please)

Web based image tools

  • (if you don’t have photoshop use this for basic resize/crop etc)
  • (small image files are good files. if you don’t have photoshop’s “save for web” – use this)
  • (desktop app for macintosh to compress image files. best for png – ok for jpg)
  • (or chrome extension/desktop app) Free, browser-based equivalent of Lightroom. (really kinda neat)
  • Film Emulator (kinda like VSCO brand filters that emulate all sorts of film camera – can be good starting point for a particular look/feel)


  • (fast and easy pdf compressor. Small files are good files.)


Search Engine Optimization

Content marketing

CSS and HTML cleanup

  • Pleeease
    Pleeease is a Node.js application that easily process your CSS. It simplifies the use of preprocessors and combines them with best postprocessors. It helps create clean stylesheets, support older browsers and offers better maintenability.
  • DirtyMarkup
    Tidy up your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code