Climate Modeling

We use computer models of the climate system to understand past variations.

  • Steven Hostetler and Jay Alder develop and use global and regional models
  • Andreas Schmittner develops and uses global physical-biogeochemical models

Ocean Sediment Analysis

Measurements of samples from the sea floor gives clues to past ocean variations.

  • Alan Mix measures isotopes and other paleoceanographic data

Ice Core Analysis

Measurements of samples from ice cores from Antarctica and Greenland yield precise data on past changes in atmospheric composition.


Cave deposits provide information on past changes in terrestrial climate.


Glacial deposits on land can be dated to reconstruct past extent and movements of glaciers.


Changes in Earth’s magnetic field over time can be reconstructed measuring magnetic particles from lake and ocean sediments


We all work collaboratively to synthesize information from the paleoclimate archives with models in order to understand better how the climate system works.


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