Fukuoka Arrival


I apologize for the delay. I had difficulty getting connected to the internet 😉

Pictures will be forthcoming, but we have a short time before we depart for the school, and all the picture files are too big for the site. Ah, technology!

We arrived in Fukuoka as a typhoon passed us in the ocean. No danger, just lots of wind and rain…and humidity! We felt a bit sticky, especially after a bus ride and two plave rides. We met our tour guide, Harumi, our guest conductor Teppei, and as a special surprise – Tad Suzuki. He was Dr. Chapman’s (and my) conducting professor at UNLV, and guest conducted the Wind Ensemble in November 2012. We traveled by two small coaches to the hotel. It took some time to get adjusted to driving on the left. I would flinch every now and then as we turned.

A short ride later, and we arrived at the hotel. We were all happy to take showers, change clothes, and get some food that wasn’t prepackaged. It was also nice to know that we could finally sleep laying down after two days of travel.

Ooo, the cars are here to take us to Iizuka High School. We are meeting English classes and a Kindergarten. I promise to finish later the afternoon!!

Sayonara for now! Robyn \<^o^>/

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4 Responses to Fukuoka Arrival

  1. Lisa Hendrick says:

    Thank You for the update Robyn,,
    Hope you guys have a chance to experience the culture. Stay dry,,
    Lisa Hendrick

  2. Erin says:

    I love the pics and updates!! Had to laugh at the photo of the toy cats with swinging arms….they are all over the place here, in the bazars. glad to know those creepy things are spreading throughout the world. haha

    keep on having a blast! hope my brother is doing his “job” 🙂

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