Asus Eee Pad Transformer

This week I have decided to write about the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer that is about to come out. The reason I am writing about this tablet is because it is the world’s first quad-core tablet. What that means is that it’s CPU (central processing unit) has four cores as opposed to two cores that most tablets have at the moment. The screen size is a 10.1 inch screen with an Super IPS+ Gorilla Glass. This means that the resolution on the screen is 1280 x 800 which will make the screen super crisp and clear. It has 1GB of RAM, GPS capabilities, a gyroscope, and two cameras. There is a front-facing camera that is 1.2 megapixels and a back camera that is 8 megapixels and capable of 1080p HD recording. It will also get an update to Ice Cream Sandwich by the end of the year.

As you can see here, the processing power the new Tegra 3 quadcore CPU is more efficient with battery life because it is a smaller processor.  Video consumption is saved by 61% which is a dramatic increase over the tegra 2 processors.

In this chart, you can see the shear processing power of the new quad-core CPU.  The new quad-core CPU is twice as fast as the tegra 2. This comes to me as no surprise because the new tegra 3 has twice the core’s from the previous tegra 2 CPU.

The specification’s on this tablet is phenomenal and should be future-proof for a while although technology advances quickly so who knows.

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