The Drive to Win
Solar Vehicle Team Pulls Together for a First Place Victory

The Phoenix
The Phoenix of the Solar Vehicle Team

The Solar Vehicle Team at Oregon State has just returned from Texas with a victory in the 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix, but it has been a long road of effort and endurance to capture this 193 lap win.

Founded in 2005 by Kat Han and Hai-Yue Han, the Solar Vehicle Team (SVT) entered their first race in 2008 with  no experience and without seeing another car. Through extensive trial and error, and learning from what they saw of other teams’ problems and solutions, the SVT improved their electrical system and continued their test drives. Continue reading

Oregon State Solar Vehicle Team

Update: The Oregon State University Solar Vehicle Team placed first in the 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix. OSU took the race by driving 193 laps (656 miles) around the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas on pure solar energy! See below for more information on the team’s trip to Texas and the competition.


The Oregon State Solar Vehicle Team (OSUSVT) is headed to Austin, Texas for the 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP), an international track race. Open to teams from around the world, this unique style of solar car racing tests the limits of the vehicles in handling curves, braking, and acceleration.

The winner of FSGP is determined by the total number of laps completed over three days of racing. But the event is more than just competing for a win. Before the race, solar vehicle teams work together with fellow competitors and inspectors to insure the safety of their vehicles, a process known as scrutineering. Continue reading