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Trying to find a balance…

Posted June 2nd, 2010 by pearsonh

The end of the term is upon us and it is time to party it up! Woo! Well.. maybe have fun and enjoy the weather in safe and responsible ways. With finals and the beginning of summer just around the corner, it is a great time to think about balance and things you do to find rejuvenation each week. This will look different for each person but it is important to discover the ways you personally find fulfillment in your academic pursuits and daily life.

In our office, we each do different things…

Dan really enjoys being outdoors and the opportunity to ride the motorcycle. Weekends prove to be quite a nice time to relax and enjoy fresh air.

Resa recently adopted two puppies that are full of energy and fun. She finds balance in playing with the growing pups and also spending time outside.

Shannon tries to take a long cycle ride each morning to balance out her day. She also finds rejuvenation in talking with loved ones she cannot see as often as she would like.

Heather plans personal thinking time each day, whether that is taking the time to walk to work or spending time alone and without her computer or phone.

As we all head into the summer months, take the time to work but to also plan fun activities you enjoy. The college atmosphere is a busy one and can often be stressful, so use the summer to think of ways in which those fun activities over the summer can be incorporated into the week-to-week life of school.

Go Beavers!

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