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Getting ready for the Drive

Posted December 5th, 2008 by sandekat

Kate and I have been preparing for the 2009 Food Drive and we have some “green” changes in mind.

First, the packets will be sent out sooner, but they will be smaller too!  Many general information documents are available on-line, and many of you have read them before, so your packets this year will be the new stuff and the important details only.  Isn’t it great to save-a-tree?

Second, we all know that meetings can eat up a lot of our time, and in the past the kickoff has been most useful for getting your packet.  So this year we will send you your packet early and eliminate the kickoff meeting.  But wait!  I like the time to put faces with names, so we aren’t skipping the social part totally… here’s my thought:  How about those of us who are interested, gathering together on Tuesday, January 20 after work to enjoy each other’s company?

One last thing that we have in the works:  We are re-designing the payroll deduction forms.  You all know that this is the easiest way to raise money and so we’ll have a flashy little flier that will be easy to have available for all sorts of occasions.

It’s time for me to get busy updating the Web site!

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