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Category: Coaching

The Power of “AND”  July 22nd, 2009

The true power of Possibility is in replacing the word BUT with the word AND.


BUT: I want to do X, BUT I don’t have Y.
AND: I want to do X, AND I don’t have Y.

The use of the word BUT negates the previous state/statement. The use of the word AND acknowledges that both states/statements are true. The key difference is that the word AND creates an opportunity for Possibility, whereas the word BUT prevents even the possibility of creating an opportunity for Possibility to exist.

5 Systemic Whys  July 22nd, 2009

To get to the root of a personal performance issue, ask yourself “5 Systemic Whys”.


I feel stuck in my situation.

WHY: Because nothing is going my way.
WHY: Because my desire is to do/have/be ____.
WHY: Because that would allow me to be/live authentic/ly.
WHY: Because I believe _____.
WHY: Because…

If you cannot get to the root cause within 5-Whys, then either:

a)  you are not stating your situation (current state of being) correctly or;
b) you are not being honest in your answers or;
c) both A and B.

The fewer “whys” in your logic, the closer to the truth you are and/or the closer to an authentic life you are living.